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Wikiup Greens is a reliable source for information about the Wikiup Greens community. Our goal is to provide important and useful information for residents and people who want to know more about the history of this neighborhood between Santa Rosa and Windsor. In addition, we provide links to the legal documents that are important to homeowners in Wikiup Greens, and we will be the most current place to find real estate for sale in Wikiup Greens.

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Wikiup Greens History

Wikiup Greens was built on the grounds of the Wikiup Rancho, home to Kentucky Derby winners, and famed stallion Inchcape, owned by John Rosseter. In 1961 the Wikiup was purchased in its entirety by Capt. Stan Anderson and Cecil A. Kettle who developed the area over the next thirty years. The Wikiup Greens 55+ community was developed in 1963 and was designed to be affordable homes for seniors. This area has seen growth spurts in population, and the development of the Airport Business Park has spurred more recent development in the area.

Wikiup Greens historical aerial photoThis image from the early 1950's shows the area of Wikiup in general with the very distinctive (and very large to show up in this picture) square barn with central courtyard near the middle right side of the screen and a now vanished racetrack in the upper left side of the image. The line of trees meandering through the image from left to right is Mark West Creek. You can click on the picture for a larger version.

Living at Wikiup Greens

My husband and I are entering our retirement years and were looking for a home to suit our needs for the next segment of our lives. The forty stairs we had to negotiate in inclement weather and the half hour commute into town were taking a toll. So, we began our search. We were looking for a retirement community, single story, quiet, nice landscaping, but close in to stores, freeway access, hospitals, etc. We found what we were looking for at Wikiup Greens, a condo development in the midst of the local golf course.

Here we are surrounded by tasteful. lush landscaping that is both bird attractive and deer resistant. Quail often scurry across the driveway into the surrounding bushes, and we often see a family of deer posing on various lawns around the compound. This woodlawn circle of paradise is located close to stores and major thoroughfares, and it is also quiet and peaceful.

The people who live here are retired professionals for the most part and range in age from a 55 to 91 years of age. There is a great little in ground pool and a club house which can be used for private events. We have several community parties throughout the year and the Board of Directors is actively involved with managing the upkeep and improvement of the grounds and buildings,

There were two places for sale when we began our search. We met several people out walking their dogs. They were welcoming and helpful in answering a few questions we had. As soon as we walked into the second place we looked at, I said to my husband, "I could be happy here." We have been here for going on five years now, and I AM happy here! Come join us for a swim at Wikiup Greens!

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